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Gams Galerie öffnen. Impressionen und Eindrücke
  • "You have got to spoil yourself sometimes"

  • Kuschelhotel GAMS | Weinglasturmmittisch



    Seductive wine leeds to culinary delight

    This really extraordinary gourmet-feeling must be a part by the visit in the “Gams, Genießer- & Kuschelhotel”. The seven-course menue varies with the saisons and ist served in the “Esszimmer”, the Diningroom.

    To get one of the popular tables in the diningroom with the legendary "Ladies- & Gentlemen Chairs", we suggest to reserve in time.

  • Kuschelhotel GAMS | lyingdinner1

    Lying Dinner im Zimmer

    an aprodisiac indulgence

    8-12 pots with fine delicacies for the uncomplicate pleasure in your private suite inclusive wine and champagner. Pre-reservation is needed.

  • Kuschelhotel GAMS | pyjamafruehstueck


    A delightful breakfast in the canopy bed, contending all you need, is a cosy pleasure. It is possible to order the breakfast into the suite, the decision can be taken directly there.

  • Kuschelhotel GAMS | fingerfood3

    For now and then or a little bit later

    11a.m. to 11 p.m
    The way to a mens heart goes through the stomach. Therefore we serve from morning till night fingerfood. You can order it wherever you like to.

    Large (for two)

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